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10 year structural guarantee
Sunni Clotheslines and Letterboxes QLD




100 % Australian Made

Retract Away - Retractable Clothesline

Fold Down - Folding Clothesline




Fold Away - Folding Clothes Hoist

Super & Deluxe - Fixed Rotary Clothes Hoist




Clothesline Colour Guide



Use the links above to download a brochure or to navigate to Austral Clothes Hoists website.  Feel free to call or email us for a quote or other general information




The Austral Clothesline Difference



Aussie Quality


Austral is the only manufacturer of a full range of Australian made clotheslines: rectangular folding frame, FoldDown; folding head rotary hoists, FoldAway; fixed head rotary hoists, Super, Deluxe and Elite; retractable cabinets, RetractAway, and Custom. Austral Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company.



Austral use high quality Galvabond steel. All load-bearing parts on Austral fold downs are steel, not plastic. Competitors' fold downs use upwards of 4 load-bearing plastic parts. That is why theirs break easily & Austral's do not. Additionally, Austral FoldDowns are load tested to 100kg and rotary hoists are load tested to 150kg.

Peace of Mind Warranty


10 Year guarantee on all clotheslines for piece of mind & sustainable living.

More Colours


Austral Qld offers its FoldDown range in 3 Standard Colours and 3 Special Colours.  Custom colours are also available.

Line Space


Austral's fold downs have more line space than any other brand. The Austral Retract Away is more flexible and works from a mere 2m to a whopping 8m.



Spare parts are readily available. If for some reason your Austral clothesline should break you don't have to throw it out and buy another. Repair it instead, which is cheaper and more sustainable.



SUNNI Clotheslines & Letterboxes





Sunni have an excellent industry reputation built on over 20 years of quality products, service and prices.



Sunni offers the largest coverage for clothesline and mailbox installation in QLD. Sunni Clotheslines have their own in-house installers. We install clotheslines and letterboxes all day, every day. It's all we do. Our installers are specially trained on Austral clotheslines.

Austral Outlet


Sunni Clotheslines & Letterboxes is QLDs largest outlet for Austral Clothes Hoists Pty Ltd. Sunni has been an authorised Austral Clotheslines installer and outlet for more than 20 years.

Building Industry


Sunni is specifically tailored for the building industry and has been southeast Queensland's leading clothesline and mailbox installer and supplier for more than 20 years. Homeowners are welcome to take advantage of our expert industry knowledge and highly competitive prices.


Sunni Clotheslines and Letterboxes QLD
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